Children of the Dreamtime

Children of the Dreamtime was published in 1989 by Child and Associates Photography of all the paintings for the book is done by John Skarratt the artist's son. The natural affinity for central Australia, the deserts and its people is truly felt and is visible in all of Helen's works in the hardest medium of all to paint, watercolour.

Children of the Dreamtime presents a vivid picture of the Aboriginal people of central Australia, their way of life and the environment in which they live.

In her work artist Helen Baldwin shows us the beauty she perceives in the Australian outback and the people who first made it their home.


Art writer, editor and lecturer Laura Murray selected the paintings presented here so that as wide an audience as possible could share the beauty of Helen Baldwin's watercolours. Both the landscapes and the portraits are superbly executed and are imbued with the artist's love of the country and the people. She has painted children at play, women gathering 'bush tucker', men and boys working with the cattle at stockyards, as well as spectacular scenes of sunsets and mountains, creeks and deserts.

The almost diary-style text, edited by Laura Murray, gives the reader the personal impressions Helen Baldwin has recorded on her trips to the Aboriginal lands of central Australia over more than thirty years. She has been fortunate to have been taken into the family group of her Aboriginal friends and so has been able to observe closely their way of life.

Children of the Dreamtime presents another side of Australia, not seen by the city-dwellers, of vast open spaces inhabited by people who seek not to change the land but to enjoy it simply as it is.

Helen has published and illustrated 6 Children's Books - 1940 to 1960

Helen Baldwin

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